Seven Steps to Owning a COMPUCHILD Franchise

1Request Franchise Info - Initial Inquiry:  Submit the Request Franchise Information form online.  We will send you some additional information to reivew including the Statement of Non-Disclosure.  Upon receipt of the signed form, we will schedule a Program Review with you.

2 - Program Review:  During this phone call, we will be learning more about each other to help determine if there is a good fit.  We will review our programs and franchise system with you in more detail to help you make an informed decision.

3 - Homework:  We are an education company and we believe in everyone doing their homework.  After our Program Review with you, we encourage all potential franchisees to speak with COMPUCHILD franchisees, conduct some local market research, review our Franchise Disclosure Document and complete your due diligence process.  We even follow up with you to make sure you get your homework done.

4 - Submit an Application:  We review your application and conduct a thorough background check on all potential franchisees.

5 - Face-to-Face Meeting:  If convenient to you, we encourage you to visit with a franchisee and/or our President.  This step is optional.

6 - Franchise is Awarded:  We take this step very serious and we are quite selective.  After we award the franchise, we will schedule your training.  Once your training is complete, you will be prepared to begin operating your COMPUCHILD franchise.

7 - Open Your Business:  Enjoy a better work/life balance and rewarding career with COMPUCHILD.


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