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CompuChild of West Central Indiana is dedicated to providing affordable technology education to early learners. We provide small group, teacher guided instruction during the school day. CompuChild students quickly begin to respect technology, learn proper terminology and how computers and devices work.

     Age Appropriate Programs

        2 year olds- Students learn appropriate behavior around computers and begin to identify parts of the computer. We only use ‘gentle hands’ and good posture in computer class !

      3&4 year olds- Students will learn about parts of the computer does, hardware/software, programs, keyboarding and more! Students are always eager to show their families their new computer skills!

       PreK- Students will benefit from our core curriculum and more!  To ensure our students are ready for elementary school, we go through our program at a slightly faster rate and learn more emphasis points associated with tablets and laptops!

       School-Agers- We also offer LEGO Robotics (WeDo) for students up to age 10.  Students are exposed to basic engineering and programming concepts when building LEGO robots. Students have a blast building LEGO models and then connecting them to a computer to program them to move and make sounds!

        **  LEGO Robotics, Little Bits, Digital Microscope,  Claymation and Digital Art workshops are also available for most classes during special workshops sessions **






Jodi Cottrell- Program Director/Teacher

    101 2060 I started CompuChild of West Central Indiana with a desire to make an impact on young children in our community, by acting on a need I saw in my own family.

     As I prepared our son for school, I realized I did not prepare him for the computer labs and technology demands he would encounter in school. He could use my touch screen phone to play games and he also transitioned from a desktop PC to a laptop well.   However, what he lacked was the terminology and understanding of how to use and care for these tools. He knew how to play on the computer and smart phone, but that was it! When I tried to instruct him how to operate or troubleshoot he didn't understand because I did not arm him with the knowledge and skills. As a CompuChild business owner, my core goal is to equip my students with the knowledge and skills needed to benefit from the technology around them. I take pride in knowing I am helping children in West Central Indiana.

     I have over 15 year of experience in the preschool and daycare industry and obtained my BS from Eastern Illinois University. I have lived in West Central Indiana with my husband for 14 years and we have two children. The entire family is involved in CompuChild– It is great doing what I love with the people I love. You just might see us at an upcoming event at your school or community- be sure to stop by our table!



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