What CompuChild Parents Have to Say

"Cameron is SUPER interested in computers and loves the class.  I can't get him involved in any other class.  He will only do CompuChild.  His mind is like a little sponge and I am impressed daily at the information he is able to obtain.  Thanks for having such a great program!"  Cameron's Mom

She comes home and identifies parts of our PC and asks questions "That's a mouse.  Right dad?"  Great to see her picking up on the lessons outside of the classroom."  Abby's Dad

"The most important thing though, is that he finds the experience fun and is always excited to go to computer class." - Luca's Mom

"I think the small group attention, the specialness of a special class and your support were just wonderful for him." - Reilly's Mom

"I've noticed he is taking care of the computer and his games with care.  I hear "Miss Karen says not to touch the shiny part of the CD or you can scratch it" all the time.: - Nick's Mom

"I think this is a great first step into a world where computer knowledge is essential...even for kids!" - Jackson's Mom

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What Educators Have to Say

"There is electricity in the air when the children know its CompuChild Day, they get very excited." - Ms. Linda, Preschool Teacher

"CompuChild students don't just know how to play a game on the computer, they can communicate and create because they know the proper terminology and have an understanding of how the technology works.  This is SUCH a head start in today's technology driven education environment."  - Ms. Theresa, Director of Technology Rochester Community Schools

"The children love this class!  I am amazed at all the information the children have learned." - Ms. Jeannine, Preschool Teacher

"There is considerable research pointing to the positive effects of technology on children's learning and development." - Dr. Ginsberg, Executive Director NAEYC

"A STEM education is a pathway to prosperity – not just for you as an individual but for America as a whole.” - Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education

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